How Does Public Feedback Shape PR Initiatives?


    How Does Public Feedback Shape PR Initiatives?

    In the dynamic landscape of public relations, incorporating public feedback is crucial for success. We've gathered insights from PR specialists and managers to reveal how they've transformed public input into actionable PR strategies. From leveraging social media for a community fundraiser to shaping an eco-condo PR strategy, explore five real-world examples of public feedback molding PR initiatives.

    • Leveraged Social Media for Community Fundraiser
    • User Feedback Spurs Urgent App Update
    • Transparency Campaign Boosts Brand Engagement
    • Social Chatter Inspires Limited-Edition Snack Line
    • Public Opinion Shapes Eco-Condo PR Strategy

    Leveraged Social Media for Community Fundraiser

    I was brought on to help organize a large community fundraiser for several local families after a gunman shot and killed a deputy and wounded three other deputies in Colorado.

    I began by conducting local surveys on social media to find out how the public wanted to help, what sort of events would attract the best crowd, and the estimated turnout we could expect. This enabled us to understand their concerns, preferences, and expectations.

    Most of this work was done on Facebook, so I was able to respond to comments directly to show that we valued their input and our commitment to transparency. This built trust and strengthened relationships, resulting in a sold-out event and news coverage by multiple news outlets before and after the event.

    Jolene Rheault
    Jolene RheaultPR Specialist, Refreshing Solutions

    User Feedback Spurs Urgent App Update

    At Alty, we recently encountered a situation involving one of our products—the Shuggah app, designed for individuals with diabetes. A user reached out via one of our social media platforms to report that the app wasn't syncing properly with their blood sugar monitoring device. This was particularly concerning as the user's young son, who suffers from diabetes, relied on the app to stay informed about his blood sugar levels and take necessary actions if they became too high.

    Upon receiving this message, we promptly relayed it to our development team, who immediately initiated an unscheduled, urgent update to address the issue and ensure the app functioned reliably. After a few hours of work, the problem was resolved, allowing the young boy to resume his daily activities without fear of uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

    Following this incident, the user's mother graciously provided positive feedback in public, commending our team for exceeding her expectations and responding swiftly to alleviate her concerns about her son's well-being. This feedback was incredibly valuable to us, as it transformed what could have been a crisis into a success story. We shared this experience on our social media platforms, where we received significant support and loyalty from our audience.

    This case reaffirmed the importance of feedback, even when initially perceived as a crisis, and reminded us of its value as a gift. We deeply appreciate each instance of feedback and strive to use it to improve our products and services.

    Kate Derkach
    Kate DerkachPR manager, Alty

    Transparency Campaign Boosts Brand Engagement

    When customers mentioned they felt disconnected from our brand, we listened. Transparency became our mantra. We launched a 'Behind-the-Scenes' campaign, sharing our creative process and decision-making on social media. It bridged the gap, letting customers 'in.' Sales rose; engagement spiked. Listening to the public isn't just a courtesy—it's a strategy.

    Casey Jones
    Casey JonesFounder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO

    Social Chatter Inspires Limited-Edition Snack Line

    Social Listening Enabled Product Hunt. An FMCG company we worked with noticed mixed reviews about their kids' snack range, and to turn the table on that mixed review, we launched an initiative called 'Flavor Hunt.' Using AI to analyze social media chatter, we identified the most unusual yet popular flavor combinations mentioned by consumers across the platforms. The company then created a limited-edition line based on these insights, inviting consumers to vote on their favorite to become permanent offerings. This campaign was also run in major cities like pop-up tasting booths where people could taste and vote in person, blending digital engagement with real-world experiences.

    Nixon Lee
    Nixon LeePartner, SpinePR

    Public Opinion Shapes Eco-Condo PR Strategy

    Feedback from the public is like gold to us in the real estate business. One specific instance that comes to mind is when we were launching a new condominium project in Montreal. We had all these grand ideas about the marketing campaign, but we decided to first gauge public opinion through surveys and focus groups. It turns out, people in the area were really keen on sustainability features like green spaces and energy-efficient appliances. So, we pivoted our PR initiatives to highlight these aspects, emphasizing how our project was eco-friendly and in tune with the community's values. It made a huge difference in our outreach and reception. It's all about listening to what people want and adapting accordingly.

    Samantha Odo
    Samantha OdoReal Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager, Precondo