What Advice Can Improve the Success of Press Releases?


    What Advice Can Improve the Success of Press Releases?

    Crafting press releases that stand out to news outlets is an art, and to help you master it, we've gathered six pieces of advice from PR and marketing experts. From writing stories rather than plain press releases to grabbing attention with data and quotes, these insights from a PR Marketing Manager to a Copywriter are designed to give your press releases the edge they need.

    • Write Stories, Not Press Releases
    • Avoid Overly Promotional Language
    • Focus on Newsworthy Angles
    • Tell a Compelling Narrative
    • Personalize Press Release Materials
    • Grab Attention With Data and Quotes

    Write Stories, Not Press Releases

    Stop writing press releases; write stories. Unless you are specifically writing an announcement for a business newspaper, no one wants to read a boring press release. Find something in your news that makes it an interesting story to read, and focus on that. If your goal is to get the news to the event, don't write a release; write an advisory with the important details that would help a reporter craft their own story. If what you send is interesting—and the right content for the right source—it will often get picked up and printed.

    Lisha Dunlap
    Lisha DunlapPR Marketing Manager, Chandler Gilbert Community College

    Avoid Overly Promotional Language

    A crucial piece of advice for writing effective press releases is to steer clear of sounding too promotional. Remember, the goal is to inform and intrigue, not to sell. Treat your press release like an appetizer, offering just enough to whet the appetite of news outlets without overwhelming them with sales jargon.

    By focusing on the newsworthy aspects of your announcement, you can ensure your press release captures attention and encourages further coverage.

    Marco Genaro Palma
    Marco Genaro PalmaContent Marketing Manager, PRLab

    Focus on Newsworthy Angles

    My advice for writing press releases is to always write with a newsworthy angle. Make sure that your press release addresses a timely topic relevant to the target audience and aligns with the interests of journalists and their readership, preferably on something they have not covered yet. Presenting a certain angle that falls in an area of their interest will make your press release more appealing and will increase the likelihood of media attention and coverage for your release.

    Matias Rodsevich
    Matias RodsevichFounder, PRHive

    Tell a Compelling Narrative

    Crafting press releases that consistently catch the attention of news outlets requires a keen focus on storytelling. Ensure your release presents a compelling narrative angle that resonates with journalists and their audiences. Additionally, keep it concise and to the point, highlighting the most newsworthy aspects of your announcement. Tailor your release to suit the preferences and interests of the specific media outlets you're targeting. Providing valuable insights, data, or quotes can further enhance your chances of securing coverage.

    Kalyani Sncontent writer

    Personalize Press Release Materials

    The two biggest keys to getting your press release picked up by news outlets are: 1. content relevancy, and 2. personalizing your press release materials to make it as easy as possible for the journalist to publish your story.

    While the first key is pretty self-explanatory—providing relevant content to those people looking for related content—the second key is even more important, based on my experiences as both a trade journalist and as a PR professional (my current role).

    When I say personalizing your press release materials, all it takes is a little bit of light research. First, find out what the usual word count and format is for press releases/articles on your target media outlets. Also, if you have photos available, check out the usual photo specs that those media outlets use and resize your photos accordingly (the same goes for videos, whether they are accepted from YouTube or embedded directly).

    Once you have everything together based on their content guidelines and specifications, you can then proceed with a personalized pitch to them and include a note about the enclosed materials being tailored to meet their needs.

    At the very least, it shows you've gone above and beyond to help make their jobs easier. Even if they don't pick up that particular press release, they will certainly remember your efforts and keep you in mind for future relevant media opportunities.

    Chris B.
    Chris B.PR Rep, Minuteman Press International

    Grab Attention With Data and Quotes

    As a Copywriter for BetterVet, a mobile veterinary company, I'm happy to share some tips for improving the success of press releases. By following these three steps, I have leveraged press releases to drive brand awareness and interest in our services.

    First, start by grabbing attention with a clear, concise headline that highlights the newsworthy angle. Remember—you only have a few seconds to pique interest.

    Next, include relevant statistics or other data to support and add value to your story.

    Lastly, make the information easy to share. Include concise but impactful soundbites and quotes from stakeholders that make it simple for others to share.

    Sarah Reidy
    Sarah ReidyCopywriter, BetterVet