What Are Unique Approaches You’ve Used to Build Relationships With Media Professionals?


    What Are Unique Approaches You’ve Used to Build Relationships With Media Professionals?

    When it comes to forging meaningful connections with media professionals, we've gathered unique strategies from founders and CEOs among others. From collaborating on cause-related projects to initiating a 'Story Swap' initiative, explore the six creative tactics these experts have successfully employed to build lasting media relationships.

    • Collaborate on Cause-Related Projects
    • Personalize Outreach with Tailored Messages
    • Offer Exclusive Data-Driven Insights
    • Provide Journalists with Exclusive Trend Reports
    • Give Early Access to Proprietary Research
    • Initiate a 'Story Swap' Initiative

    Collaborate on Cause-Related Projects

    A specific tactic we used was to work with journalists to further cause-related research projects that would be relevant to our industry as well as to their audiences. By offering our data and analytics expertise on a given topic, we also offered value beyond the average press release. Working with a journalist on a specific project enriched their stories and also built a tremendous amount of professional respect, as well as trust. The result was that we provided far better coverage, including having a go-to relationship when it came time for the journalist to cover the same topic in future stories.

    Mark McShane
    Mark McShaneFounder, Cupid Digital PR

    Personalize Outreach with Tailored Messages

    A unique approach we've implemented in our outreach strategy to build relationships with media professionals involved personalizing our communication extensively. Instead of the traditional press releases, we focused on crafting tailored messages that resonated with the specific interests and beats of each journalist.

    Doing so meant conducting thorough research on previous articles they had written and the topics they were passionate about. Showing that we understood their work and its intrinsic value helped to foster a genuine connection. This strategy paid off remarkably, as it led to increased coverage for our stories and established long-term relationships with key media figures, ultimately enhancing our visibility and credibility in the industry.

    Michael Lazar
    Michael LazarCEO, Content Author

    Offer Exclusive Data-Driven Insights

    One unique approach we've taken at Double Plus Marketing Agency to build relationships with media professionals is by offering exclusive, data-driven insights. We regularly compile original research and case studies from our local SEO and digital marketing efforts, which provide fresh, compelling content that journalists can use for their stories. This not only positions us as a valuable resource but also helps media professionals bring new angles to their readership.

    This strategy paid off when one of our data stories was picked up by a major publication, leading to a surge in referral traffic and several high-profile backlinks. The relationship with that journalist has since blossomed into a mutually beneficial partnership where we continue to provide unique insights, and they have a reliable source for in-depth, original content. It's a testament to the power of sharing knowledge and the ripple effect it can have on both visibility and credibility in the industry.

    Joshua Bartlett
    Joshua BartlettOwner, Double Plus Marketing

    Provide Journalists with Exclusive Trend Reports

    We ditched the typical "we sell stuff" approach to media relations. Instead, we built a team of analysts who track exclusive trends in different regions. They translate this data into easy-to-understand reports. These reports are not just ads; they are valuable intel for journalists. Then, we reach out to relevant journalists, offering exclusive access to the data and analysts for interviews. It made us a trusted source for global e-commerce information, not just another seller. Major publications featured us, and journalists saw us as experts. It translates to positive press and brand recognition.

    Faizan Khan
    Faizan KhanPublic Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

    Give Early Access to Proprietary Research

    We always try to provide media professionals with early access to new research and developments in the dental sector. At Dental SEO Expert, we regularly conduct proprietary studies for clients and develop insights into dental health trends. By giving select media professionals early access to this data, we provide them with valuable content that can enhance their stories and give them an edge in publishing breaking news in the dental health space.

    This approach has helped in building trust with journalists. For instance, when we launched a report on the impact of digital marketing on patient acquisition for dental clinics, we first shared this with key media contacts. This led to a feature in a major healthcare magazine.

    The payoff from this approach was evident when the dental clinic saw a 40% increase in inquiries following the magazine feature. This demonstrated the effectiveness of combining exclusive content with strategic media outreach to achieve mutual benefits.

    Ihor Lavrenenko
    Ihor LavrenenkoCEO, Dental SEO Expert

    Initiate a 'Story Swap' Initiative

    I introduced a 'Story Swap' initiative, where media professionals share personal anecdotes or interesting stories from their careers. It's a way to humanize our interactions and build genuine connections beyond work. This approach has paid off tremendously by fostering deeper relationships, enhancing mutual understanding, and leading to more collaborative projects. Plus, it's been a fun way to learn from each other and create a positive, memorable experience amidst our busy schedules.

    Dhari Alabdulhadi
    Dhari AlabdulhadiCTO and Founder, Ubuy Netherlands