What Creative Pitches Have Led to Major Brand Coverage?


    What Creative Pitches Have Led to Major Brand Coverage?

    From a Co-Founder's successful webinar feature in Forbes to a bold stance on sustainability that inspired a global movement, our contributors, including CEOs and industry leaders, recount the creative pitches that led to significant brand exposure. Alongside these expert accounts, we've included additional answers that offer a broader spectrum of experiences. These narratives span from engaging viral humor to controversial billboards that ignited online conversations, painting a diverse picture of successful media strategies.

    • Forbes Features Webinar Expertise
    • Diversity Pitch Secures Industry Coverage
    • Interactive Art Boosts Brand Recognition
    • Humor Engages in Viral Campaign
    • Influencer Unboxing Amplifies Product Launch
    • Sustainability Stance Inspires Global Movement
    • Controversial Billboards Spark Online Debate

    Forbes Features Webinar Expertise

    It was back in 2019 (when HARO used to be active). One request that caught my eye was on 'Reasons Your Webinar Isn't Converting - and How to Fix It,' and I was like, 'Hey! This sounds interesting.'

    So, I wrote an answer from my experiences at webinars (both as an attendee and speaker).

    About four days later, I received an email, and I was definitely excited because it was from the prestigious Forbes, and to get featured on such a platform was amazing.

    Rahul Vij
    Rahul VijCo Founder, WebSpero Solutions

    Diversity Pitch Secures Industry Coverage

    Marketing Bemana as a female-majority firm in a male-dominated industry allowed me to fit my brand into a broader, multi-issue article on diversity recently, and it was a good lesson in standing out. Though the article didn't focus specifically on hiring or the workplace, I saw an opportunity to relate my own experiences and widen the topic. A changing sector is something I have personal experience with, so I focused on the ways in which the manufacturing and equipment industries are looking to upend the status quo in hiring practices.

    The journalist ended up adding an entire segment on the challenges and changes in sourcing and hiring women for previously homogeneous workforces, and we were featured heavily.

    In this case, relating my work to a broader social movement got me mentioned in press only tangibly linked to my actual industry.

    Linn Atiyeh
    Linn AtiyehCEO, Bemana

    Interactive Art Boosts Brand Recognition

    A cityscape was transformed when a company installed interactive public art pieces that invited passersby to become part of the art. These installations captured the imagination of locals and tourists alike, quickly becoming a backdrop for countless photos and social media posts.

    The viral nature of the art led to widespread brand recognition, as images and experiences were shared online. This creative approach not only beautified urban spaces but also engaged the community in an unforgettable way.

    Humor Engages in Viral Campaign

    A brand’s leap into the realm of humor took the internet by storm with a social media campaign that dared to tap into the meme culture. By creating content that was not only laugh-inducing but also highly shareable, it resonated with a broad audience and set a trend across various platforms. This light-hearted yet strategic engagement approach won the hearts of many and showed that a little humor goes a long way in building relatable and memorable brand identity.

    Influencer Unboxing Amplifies Product Launch

    At the launch of a highly anticipated product, a renowned influencer was invited to an unboxing event that captured the excitement and curiosity of millions. The live unveiling resulted in a surge of consumer interaction, setting new benchmarks for engagement and demonstrating the power of influence. This strategic move not only showcased the product but also tapped into the influencer's dedicated following, multiplying the event's reach.

    Sustainability Stance Inspires Global Movement

    An eco-conscious company introduced a new product line, and its commitment to sustainability went beyond mere business practice. The launch became the impetus for a wider movement, inspiring consumers to make environmentally friendly choices. By aligning the brand with an important cause, the message resonated deeply with a global audience, elevating the company's profile as a leader in ecological responsibility. This initiative showcased how a brand’s core values can inspire action and spark widespread change.

    Controversial Billboards Spark Online Debate

    A brand chose to make a bold statement with controversial slogans emblazoned on billboards in high-traffic areas, sparking intense online debates and drawing attention to their message. This provocative approach to advertising went beyond traditional boundaries, prompting discussions that extended to various social media platforms. The billboards served as a catalyst for brand engagement, demonstrating that taking a stand can significantly amplify a company's presence within the cultural conversation.