What Innovative Approaches to Internal Communications Improve Employee Engagement?


    What Innovative Approaches to Internal Communications Improve Employee Engagement?

    In the quest to enhance employee engagement through internal communications, CEOs have pioneered methods ranging from smart survey platforms to personalized email strategies. Alongside these expert insights, we've gathered additional innovative approaches that contribute to a vibrant corporate communication culture. From introducing mobile apps for chefs to integrating AI chatbots and virtual reality meetings, discover a spectrum of strategies that invigorate workplace interactions.

    • Develop Smart Survey Platforms
    • Limit and Personalize Internal Emails
    • Introduce a Mobile Communication App
    • Implement Gamified Feedback Systems
    • Utilize Real-Time Collaboration Tools
    • Embrace Internal Social Media Platforms
    • Integrate AI Chatbots for Assistance
    • Introduce Virtual Reality Meetings

    Develop Smart Survey Platforms

    At Deepler, we developed our platform as a new and innovative tool to enhance internal communication and support meaningful conversations. Our smart survey system asks the right questions to the right people, providing an objective view of what employees find beneficial and what they find frustrating in the workplace, without the general and high-level insights you get from a traditional Employee Satisfaction Survey.

    By leveraging these insights, we can address issues promptly and in detail, making sure managers have the right conversations at the right times.

    Stijn van der Vat
    Stijn van der VatCEO, Deepler

    Limit and Personalize Internal Emails

    Too many emails can be distracting and annoying for employees, and so, as a CEO and business owner, my goal is to limit internal communications to only stakeholders. Blasting a message to the entire team is easy but runs the risk of low engagement. Instead, I like to take a moment to ask myself: Who can produce action on this topic? Those who can't likely don't need to be looped in.

    Then, I personalize my message. Letting workers know that they are being singled out spurs a response—they can't assume some other person will handle it. There is power in naming; in fact, studies have shown that call-outs are the best way to combat the bystander effect. So, I address my workers accordingly and start out with a greeting that's specific to them.

    Rob Reeves
    Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

    Introduce a Mobile Communication App

    As a chef and restaurant owner, I've learned that communication is key to a smooth service. And I'm not just talking about calling out orders in the kitchen! But seriously, we used to rely on traditional methods like email and staff meetings, but we found that information was getting lost in translation, and our team wasn't feeling connected.

    So, we decided to shake things up and introduced a mobile app for our internal communications. It's been a game-changer! We can share updates, announcements, and even fun stuff like employee recognition and birthdays. The app has really helped us build a sense of community and keep everyone in the loop, whether they're in the kitchen, on the floor, or even off-site.

    Plus, it's easy to use, and our team loves it. We've seen a big boost in engagement and morale, and it's really helped us come together as a team. I mean, when your staff feels heard and connected, they're more likely to provide top-notch service, and that's what it's all about!

    Adonis Icalina
    Adonis IcalinaAuthor, Chef, and Culinary Entrepreneur, Carnivore Style

    Implement Gamified Feedback Systems

    Implementing gamified feedback systems is a transformative approach that can significantly heighten the level of interactivity within a company. With elements like points, badges, and leaderboards, these systems convert routine feedback into a more lively and engaging process. Employees become more motivated to participate when they see their contributions recognized in a playful yet meaningful manner.

    This method taps into the competitive spirit in a fun way, which can lead to increased engagement and a stronger sense of camaraderie among team members. Consider introducing a gamified feedback system in your organization to spark a more vibrant office culture.

    Utilize Real-Time Collaboration Tools

    Incorporating real-time collaboration tools is a powerful method for fortifying the bonds between team members. These platforms enable colleagues to work side by side on projects, regardless of the physical distance between them. By removing communication lags and fostering a seamless exchange of ideas, these tools help in creating a more unified team.

    Greater unity often equates to a stronger, more engaged workforce that is better equipped to tackle challenges collaboratively. Explore utilizing real-time collaboration tools to enhance the teamwork within your organization.

    Embrace Internal Social Media Platforms

    The use of internal social media platforms can greatly contribute to a more relaxed and open communication environment. These platforms encourage employees to share news, celebrate personal milestones, and express ideas in an informal setting. This approach helps to break down hierarchical barriers and promotes a culture of inclusiveness.

    By providing a space for informal exchanges, employees feel more connected to their peers and the organization. Embrace an internal social media platform to strengthen interpersonal relationships within your company.

    Integrate AI Chatbots for Assistance

    Integration of AI chatbots into internal communication strategies can provide employees with immediate and personalized assistance. This technology can quickly supply information, answer queries, and streamline routine tasks without the need for human intervention. Employees benefit from the reduced time spent seeking answers, allowing them to focus more on their core responsibilities.

    Moreover, the personalized touch of AI chatbots can make interactions feel more tailored to individual needs. Implement AI chatbots to offer your team a helping hand around the clock.

    Introduce Virtual Reality Meetings

    Virtual reality meetings are an avant-garde solution for connecting a geographically dispersed workforce. They offer a unique opportunity for team members to interact in a simulated environment that can replicate the experience of being in the same room. This immersive experience can foster a greater sense of presence and connection among employees, which traditional video conferencing cannot match.

    Teams can collaborate more effectively and form better relationships through this enhanced interaction. Introduce virtual reality meetings to bridge the physical distances within your team.