What Techniques Effectively Monitor Public Opinion About a Brand?


    What Techniques Effectively Monitor Public Opinion About a Brand?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of brand management, understanding public perception is crucial. We asked a panel that includes Brand Managers and VPs to share one effective technique they've used to monitor public opinion. From capitalizing on influencer charm to leveraging the simplicity of Google Alerts, explore these four expert strategies to stay on top of your brand.

    • Integrate Brand With Influencer Charm
    • Track and Analyze Customer Reviews
    • Leverage Social Media Listening for Insights
    • Monitor Brand Mentions With Google Alerts

    Integrate Brand With Influencer Charm

    Sure, monitoring public opinion can seem straightforward with all the available tools, but it's a journey. The key lies in crafting genuine communication. Initially, we used influencer content with rigid brand guidelines. However, it felt inauthentic.

    We pivoted to brainstorming sessions with influencers, focusing on subtly integrating our brand to preserve their content's natural charm. This resulted in a minimum of 2X positive sentiments for our brand, proving a more effective way to deliver our message.

    Just a pro tip—this is not the only way to do it, but I prefer this as I can assess the audience's reaction in real time. If you plan to implement this strategy, make sure to choose the right influencer whose content, persona, and tonality resonate with your brand.

    Mohanbeer Singh
    Mohanbeer SinghBrand Manager

    Track and Analyze Customer Reviews

    We effectively monitor public opinion about our brand by closely tracking public reviews across various online platforms, such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and social media channels. These reviews provide valuable insights into customer experiences, sentiments, and perceptions of our brand. We analyze comments and star ratings to gauge overall satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, monitoring testimonials shared by satisfied customers helps us showcase positive experiences and build trust with potential customers. We frequently highlight testimonials from merchants who have seen tangible improvements in their business operations after implementing our payment solutions. By regularly collecting and analyzing feedback, we can identify recurring themes, address common pain points, and tailor our brand messaging and offerings to better meet customer needs.

    Deepti Chopra
    Deepti ChopraSenior Brand Manager, Sekure Payment Experts

    Leverage Social Media Listening for Insights

    One effective technique I've used to monitor public opinion about our brand is social media listening. By leveraging advanced analytics tools, we track mentions, sentiment, and trends across various social media platforms. This approach allows us to gather real-time feedback, identify emerging issues, and understand customer perceptions.

    The results have been insightful. We've gained a deeper understanding of our audience's preferences, concerns, and expectations. This data has helped us tailor our marketing strategies, improve product offerings, and enhance customer experiences. Additionally, social media listening has enabled us to promptly address negative feedback and manage our reputation effectively. Overall, this technique has proven invaluable in staying connected with our audience and maintaining a positive brand image.

    Faizan Khan
    Faizan KhanPublic Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

    Monitor Brand Mentions With Google Alerts

    The most effective way for me to monitor brand mentions is by using Google Alerts for your brand.

    Here's how to set up Google Alerts:

    1. Use one broad search term: Simply enter [YOUR BRAND] as the search term. This captures general mentions of your brand.

    2. Use Google advanced search for specific terms: Combine your brand name with other keywords to target specific mentions. For example, if you launched a new marketing campaign filter, you could use [YOUR BRAND] + [marketing catch phrase or keywords]

    3. Create negative/positive filters (optional): Google Alerts allows you to filter out unwanted mentions. You can exclude terms like 'job application' or focus on positive mentions by including terms like 'great customer service.'

    Google Alerts are a powerful and free tool for monitoring online brand mentions. They are easy to set up and can provide real insight and indexed results.

    Stephan Koning
    Stephan KoningVP of Sales, Seadaka Technology